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Seven years ago, we moved into our home in a secluded, hilly, wooded neighborhood…all was well and we were “at peace with the universe.”

That is until, about three weeks later, when we discovered a copperhead stretched across our drive way, and later, another one, lounging in the flower bed next to the front door. My children and their playmates ran excitedly in the house, informing us of its whereabouts, which they had discovered while, “toad hunting!”

Needless to say, after many more similar episodes, we became weary, as it was nearly impossible to relax when my children were outside playing.
So much for the peace and tranquility of the neighborhood. This went on for about three years!

I was extremely discouraged with all of the “remedy’s” I had gotten from people with experience in this matter. (moth balls, “snake” dogs, cats, etc…) Nothing was effective at getting rid of this dangerous nuisance!

I did not know about the Snake Fence, or that my neighbor had just installed one, but did notice, early one spring, that the snakes, suddenly, were not an issue, and have not been one since! This product is so effective that since my neighbor installed it, not only did he take care of his snake issue, I have not seen any in my yard, or on my street!

Thank you Snake Fence for a product that truly does what it advertises!

Kari Redmond

Kari Redmond, Happy Customer

We live on top of a ridge and have a pool. The deep end concrete is exposed to the surrounding wooded area. We’d had “2 surprise encounters”. With copperhead snakes in that area. 1st – I’d left a large flower pot turned upside down over there for a few days & when I lifted it up there was a HUGE copperhead partly exposed underneath!!! 2nd – my husband nearly got bit when he went to unplug the radio by the pool & there was a copperhead curled up in the cord!! (we think they were eating all our toads) Snakes LOVE to live in concrete holes near water. There is a crack in the sided of the concrete – not very big. And I’d read copperheads can nest in numbers up to 300!!!! Having NO IDEA where these snakes were living we had the SNAKE FENCE installed over this crack in the concrete. (We also have a large curved retaining wall) This was way too close to our children at the pool. The very same night it was installed it caught a copperhead COMING OUT from under my pool. It caught three more after that – some coming out, some coming in. We were horrified!! HOW many times had we all walked over there??? How many years had they been living that close to our house??!!!

We’ve since installed the snake fence in other areas we don’t want them living – small holes around the pipes that go underground, etc. The perimeters of our property where we don’t want snakes coming is next.

If you love the serenity of country living but not ALL the critters that come with it – you’ll have peace of mind with the snake fence – we do!!!

Steve and Kristi Hail

Steve and Kristi Hail, Happy Customer